Lose weight and looked beautiful.

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Lose weight and looked beautiful.

low my name is brain gaining I’m thirty-nine years old and I live in Charleston south Carolina I had a great child but I’d love to eat and as I got older irate more and more by the time I graduated high school was over three hundred pounds in my twenties I was up to almost four hundred and fifty pounds and I actually lost all the weight ones but I couldn’t keep it off after working so hard I gained all of it back in half the time it took met lose it it was humiliating and depressing so I gave up I’d just decided that I would be overweight the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about it this is from a video taken from a public speaking training class I was in a few years ago remember those pants they’re going to come up again later I was bigger than I’d ever been but I felt helpless to do anything about it I started getting even more weight anon June the twentieth two thousand ten a few weeks after this picture was taken disaster struck all the sudden I couldn’t breathe I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after hours and hours of test in the emergency room the doctors diagnosed me with the pulmonary embolism or blood clots in my lines that were cutting off my oxygen the treatment was long and painful I was on oxygen twenty four-hours-a-day and was on a constant Heidi pomp of blood thinners for six long days I laid in that hospital bed the low point came when I needed help going to the better I have never been more visible in my entire life bodies in the hospital I had plenty of time to think at first I felt like a victim like somebody or something it doesn’t but then reality set in and the pain turned actor my condition was unacceptable and intended to do something about it the doctors all suggested weight loss surgery but that would have meant I’d have to come back to the hospital no thanks I told him because when walked out of here I’m not coming back when I finally got home I still had problems breathing in could walk on my apt but I knew I had to get moving I discovered I could push it grocery cart around the store because it gave me something that we know after a few weeks to doing that i’vegraduated to walking to the mailbox at the end of my driveway over and over from there it took off like a rocket by began walking mile after miles eking out every local walking trail I could find Ivan’s at my brother along monsters tube sure I would make it back I modeled my eating plan after what i’velearned in the hospital I hate five and six times a day fruits vegetables whole grains lean meats low-fat dairy and lots of oatmeal address water but again that I decided to join the gem_ at my work that’s when I met coach mark she taught me how to exercise correctly and the first exercises were very basic sitting down and standing out over Andover again that’s about all I could do but the white melted away over one hundred thousand for six months there’s a stance again then still weighing more than four hundred pounds I entered a ten k race and length across the finish line that I entered American heart association spark plug where r one a lifestyle change award then came the Susan g omen race for the cure all along the way Martha kept intensified my workouts three times a week she would have to group and down the stairs carrying a forty five pound weight as well as do other things that one seemed impossible finally I’d lost enough weight and was able to run so I entered a thanksgiving day five kind jog across the finish line and just the last year I’ve been able to-do things most people take for granted I’ve been able to fly an airplane i’vebeen able to fit in and drive a normal car and I can even buy clothes at the regular store just like everybody else but I’m not sure it wasn’t always easy in fact it never was it is hard work I keep the stance as a reminder of working from so I’ll never forget it I still struggle on Sundays are still have some weight to lose but I figured it was worth it to stop justice one-time and look back and see how far from and maybe give other people somehow you can take your life that you don’t have to accept being overweight. http://www.coffeepurecleanseus.org/


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